Refuel for the future

Green gasoline for combustion engines


We are moving away from an oil-based economy towards a renewable, sustainable future. We believe that for the foreseeable future a large share of the global vehicle fleet will be driven on liquid fuel. Eco-Oil can be one attractive fossil fuel free option. Unique patent process to produce sustainable synthetic fuel based on energy crops feedstocks.


Our process transforms the input material - which is energy crops - to fuel - 100% renewable gasoline or diesel - and a smaller amount of pure gas, the by-product is pure water! Our concept is complete now!


Eco-Oil has at Umeå University in a private research project together with a number of skilled researchers with the university's highest rated professor as research leader producing a catalytic converter that makes fuel from energy crops and forest residues. We have a unique patented process for producing a CO2-neutral synthetic gasoline and diesel based on energy crops and forest raw materials.




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