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Eco-oil has developed green fuels for internal combustion engines. The company was founded in 2007 as a research company to find a sustainable process for the production of renewable fuels, enabling a move from an oil-based economy into a renewable and sustainable future.


The goal has been to develop a renewable fuel, petrol, diesel and liquefied petroleum gas / LPG process facility, enabling customers to drive their vehicles environmentally without the need to rebuild the engine. The first plant on a commercial scale will be built in 2018.


Our processing plant is built into smaller modules, which makes the solution scalable and creates the potential for local production of CO2-neutral fuel. We believe that a large part of the global fleet of vehicles will be run on liquid fuel in the foreseeable future and Eco-Oil can be an attractive fossil-free alternative.


Eco-Oil has a unique patented processing plant to produce sustainable synthetic fuel based on energy crops. Eco-Oils products can be delivered as low-grade additive or free-standing fuel.


We are planning for the first plant on a commercial scale. As our processing plant is built as modules (similar containers), they are relatively small and can easily be placed for local production of CO2-neutral fuels. The solution is also easily scalable.


As it also produces CO2-neutral gas and clean water as the only by-products, it can also be used in UN / SIDA projects to create local entrepreneurship in the third world!




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